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How do I uninstall MailTags?

The MailTags installer disk image contains an uninstaller. Just launch it to uninstall.


    You can also manually uninstall MailTags by removing the following items.



        We recommend that you remove or edit any MailTags criteria and actions in rules and Smart Mailboxes prior to uninstalling.

      Existing tags will not be immediately erased from your messages.  As you move mail and rebuild mailboxes, tags will be removed from your messages.

Can I extend the trial?

If you ran out of time but didn't get a chance to test it out or you tried an earlier version. Contact me and I can send you a registration code that will unlock MailTags for 21 more days.

What do I do if my Smart Mailboxes are not showing messages even though I have them properly tagged.

    First, reindex smart mailboxes:

          Open Mail's Preferences

          Go to MailTags preferences

          Click Reindex Tags       

Can I scan email for existing keywords and projects>

If you need to scan all your email for all the keywords and projects you used (you may have not put them into your prefs or may have inadvertantly deleted keywords and projects in your preferences) I have put together an couple of applescript to do this.

These can be found here:

How do I back up my MailTags?

      The tags are saved in the individual message files (.emlx) and in the message headers.  When you back up your Mail folder in ~/Library/, you are also backing up your tags.  We recommend keeping regular backups of your data.  We also recommend considering mail archival programs such as John Seward’s MailSteward.  MailSteward will extract MailTag data and store your tags with the message in it’s own database structure.

Mail Crashed! Is MailTags responsible?

    Perhaps. We have tested MailTags extensively but bugs may have slipped by.  If you think you have an issue in which MailTags is responsible, send a crash report to me ( and I will have a look.

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Try MailTags for 21 Days

Download MailTags 2.2.3

PowerPC or Intel

OS X  10.5.2 +



Download MailTags 2.1.1

PowerPC or Intel

OS X  10.4.7 +