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“I’ve found MiniMail to be a great add-on for email addicts who need (or just want) to keep an eye on incoming mail.”   Dan Frakes, MacWorldhttp://www.macworld.com/article/58897/2007/07/minimail.html
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More reasons to love MiniMail

Any size you like.

  1. The MiniMail window is exactly like the iTunes mini-controller everyone is used to. Resize it to suit your screen size, or available desktop space. From 1 to many lines displayed in the message viewer, MiniMail always has you covered.

Mini Window Flexibility

  1. You can set Mini Mail to always zoom down to a preferred list of mailboxes. Now with Version 2, you can zoom each message viewer to its own mini window showing the mailboxes selected at the time. 


  1. Check for mail, compose or action unread messages; all at the click of a button. Easily reply- to, forward, redirect or bounce an incoming message, catch junk or flag those important e-mails. Day-to-day blocking and tackling is easy with MiniMail.

Message Preview

  1. Preview the current message right from MiniMail: just press 'Space' or click on the preview button to see a full message preview.

Works with RSS feeds

  1. Turn Mail into a mini RSS reader by miniaturizing any viewer that has your feeds selected.

Integrates with other Mail plugins

  1. MiniMail works with other Mail plug-ins such as Mail Act-On to improve organization and efficiency of your email experience. Tighter MailTags integration is in the works.

Benefits of MiniMail

Keep your email a glance away

See only what you want to see

Act quickly without losing focus

Email is too important to be out of sight and out out mind. But it shouldn’t compete for focus with the task you are working on.  MiniMail’s mini window provides you an innovative way for keeping Mail close by but without it taking over your workspace.

If you are the average email users, you probably have more than one inbox, such as an inbox for work, home and personal email. You can tell MiniMail to only show you the new messages of selected mailboxes so that you can keep your focus to the context at hand.

MiniMail keeps the key functionality of Mail inside its mini window so that you don’t have to spend effort transitioning from your current task to email management.  MiniMail also works great with Mail Act-On so your keystroke rules and other Act-On abilities are at your fingertips.

The size you want.  Where ever you want it.

MiniMail’s window can be positioned and resized to fit into whatever corner you want.  You can also set MiniMail to float above other windows to be ever present, but unobtrusive in your workflow.

Show me more!

If you need more details, just hit space and preview the current message. 

Show me less!

Select the mailboxes you want to view in MiniMail’s Preferences.

Take Action

The action button on MiniMail’s window gives you quick access to the primary tasks you may take with a message. As well Mail’s keyboard shortcuts and Act-On keystrokes work when in mini mode.